Earthenware And Stoneware Pottery Marks part2

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Charles James Mason and Co. Lane Delph

Delph, Spode pottery marks

Charles James Mason and Co. Lane Delph

Charles James Mason and Co. Lane Delph

1 and 2. Standard Patent Ironstone mark 1813 – 1829  used by G.M and C.J Mason and subsequently by C.J Mason with “Improved” added c1840 and with “Ashworth” from 1862.

3. Basic Mason mark without the scroll c1845

Minton Stoke on Trent 1793 onwards

1. Moulded mark on moulded wares c1830 – 1840.

2. Printed mark c1900 – 1908.

Spode Pottery Marks Stoke on Trent c1784 – 1833. Later management marks not shown

Spode Pottery Marks

Spode Pottery Mark

1 and 2. Impressed on blue printed wares c1784 – 1800.

3. Impressed on New Stone body c1805 – 1820.

4. Printed in black c1804 – 1815 and in blue c1815 – 1830.

5 – 7. Printed c1805 – 1833.

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