Porcelain Marks and Backstamps part 2

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Derby Porcelain Marks

Derby Porcelain Works C 1759 – Present Day

Original factory closed in 1848.Marks to that date shown below.

Derby makers marks

Derby Porcelain Marks

1. Incised c1770 – 1780. Occasionally also in blue.

2. Painted c1770 – 1782.

3. Standard painted mark in puce, blue or black c1782 – 1800 and in red c 1800 – 1825.

4 – 6. Painted mark of Bloor Derby c1825 – 1840, c1820 – 1840 and c1830 – 1848.

Lowestoft Porcelain Works c1757 – 1803

Lowestoft pottery marks

Lowestoft pottery marks

1 and 2. Copies of Worcester cresent and Miessen crossed swords marks, in underglaze blue, on blue and white wares c1775 – 1790.

3 – 5. Artists marks on blue and white wares c1760-1775, usually painted near or inside foot-rim.

Minton Stoke on Trent 1793 – present.

Minton pottery marks. Only main marks shown.

Minton pottery marks

1. Painted mark on porcelains c1800 – 1830 often with pattern number below.

2. Incised or impressed on early Parian figures c1845 – 1850.

3.The ermine mark, painted, from c1850 onwards, with or without letter ‘M’.

4 and 5. Printed marks of the 1860’s.

6.Standard printed ‘globe’ mark c1863 – 1872.

Plymouth Porcelain Works 1768 – 1770

Devon. William Cookworthy. See also Bristol pottery marks

Plymouth Porcelain Marks

Plymouth makers marks

1 and 2. Chemical symbol for tin in under-glaze blue or enamels b1768 – 1770.



6 comments to Porcelain Marks and Backstamps part 2

  • Dee Howkins  says:

    Overglazed ‘stamp’ of a green church with gold lettering beneath xxemi beneath that ?c808

  • De Brown  says:

    I have a piece with the marking of Minton without a pattern number. I have been told that it is not a value. Is this true? How could I discover the true value?

  • Karen Davies  says:

    I have 4 porcelain plates which are blue bamboo and birds on a white background. The mark on the back in in the porcelain and appears to be a spread winged angel with a serpent winding around the body of the angel. Is this a known mark?

  • Robert Wyatt  says:

    I have a Parian white candle holder top is glazed only blue Crown and two letters with a cross stroke in between, looks like it was hand painted could be D/P. no chips or marks, scallop rim basket design impression around edge. Yes oval basket shape, about 4” tall Any Help Who made it or how old it may be ? Robert.

  • Robert Wyatt  says:

    Additional info to above enquiry, the letters in Blue on closer inspection looks like D / C. Very clumsy looking writing. Thanks.

  • Jill Lloyd-Jones  says:

    I have a decorative plate with a raised gold design with bunches of roses and flowers in between. In the middle is a large M in flowers and on top of it an upside down V. The backstamp shows an A and above it a simple crown like design.
    Any ideas on what mark it might be so I can research further? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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