Recommended Reading

If you are researching English pottery or English pottery marks or backstamps we recommend the following books to aid in you research.


Encyclopedia Of British Pottery And Porcelain Marks

Geoffrey A Godden

Review From Amazon

The primary reference book used by dealers and collectors to identify their antique and vintage English china, pottery and porcelain. It’s a fabulous book, whether you’re trying to identify anchors or crowns, As or Bs, or want to check what your date mark means – this is the book for you. Illustrated with thousands of marks from English manufacturers. Very easy to use. Highly recommended. Often referred to as the ‘bible’ by collectors and dealers in England.

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Millers Pottery and Porcelain MarksMiller’s Pottery and Porcelain Marks (Miller’s pocket fact file)

Gordon Lang

A handy and easy-to-use guide containing over 3,000 commonly found marks, with information on the makers, factories and artists they represent for on-the-spot reference.

Amazon Review :

I am an avid pottery and porcelain collector and have found this book very informative and easy to understand.I use it regularly to validate potters marks and symbols when I visit antiques fairs.It is not a chunky book so it is portable, and the marks are simply catalogued so that you can look them up quickly. An excellent reference book.

Buy From Amazon : Miller’s Pottery and Porcelain Marks (Miller’s pocket fact file)

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