Worcester Porcelain Marks

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Worcester Porcelain Marks

Worcester Porcelain Marks

1751 – present day. First period marks to 1793 only given below.

Worcester Porcelain Marks

1 – 4. Crescent marks, painted or printed in underglaze blue c1755 – 1790

5. Fretted square painted in underglaze blue c1755 – 1770.

Worcester Pottery Marks

6 – 9. Letter “W” painted or printed in underglaze blue ….. same period as 5

Worcester Marks Porcelain

10 – 11. Pseudo – Chinese marks painted in underglaze blue c1753 – 1770.

Worcester Pottery Marks

12 – 14. Meissen crossed swords usually on wares in Meissen style, painted in underglaze blue c1760 – 1770

Porcelain Worcester Marks

15 – 17. Letters “RH” for engraver Robert Hancock and anchor rebus of Richard Holdship found on pieces printed in overglaze enamel.

Pottery Worcester Marks

18. Crescent painted in blue c1783 – 1788, alone or with “Flight”.

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